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Class - Wikipedia.
Classroom, a room where classes are held. Law and government edit. Class, a group of people involved in a class action lawsuit. Classes of United States senators, for describing the schedules of elections for Senate seats. Class locomotive, a single design of a locomotive as assigned by the railroad.
Class education - Wikipedia.
For example, a department's' sophomores may be divided into three classes. In countries such as the Republic of Ireland, India, Poland, Germany, Russia, and in the past, Sweden, the word can mean a grade: 1st class is ages 4-5, 2nd class is ages 6-7, 3rd class is ages 8-9, 4th class is ages 9-10, 5th class is ages 10-11, 6th class is ages 11-12, 1 and 9th class is ages 14-15, class 10 is ages 15-16 and class 12th is ages 17-18.
Class computer programming - Wikipedia.
Retrieved 3 March 2018. As is true for modules, classes partake of the dynamic nature of Python: they are created at runtime, and can be modified further after creation. a b c mairaw; BillWagner; tompratt-AQ 2015-09-19, Partial" Classes and Methods" C Programming Guide, Microsoft, retrieved 2018-08-08. Apple 2014-09-17, Customizing" Existing Classes" Programming with Objective-C, Apple, retrieved 2018-08-08. Static" Classes and Static Class Members C Programming Guide."

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